Who we are?

  • Best Service RATED GYM FOR the past 1 year
  • A record no. of clients transformed in a short period OF TIME
  • TONEEZ is the single place to satisfy all your fitness needs!
  • The special feature of TONEEZ is the trainers here are the best in the business who will transform you completely!
  • The only aim of TONEEZ is to give fitness in a energetic and enjoyable way to people of all ages from kids to senior citizens!
  • If you think of fitness with more entertainment and fun then TONEEZ FITNESS CENTRE is the only door you should knock!

Why Choose Us?

1. Well maintained ambience

A place where you can be yourself & be comfortable. Our health clubs are designed to provide our members with a non-intimidating, welcoming atmosphere.

2. We are transformation experts

Our personal trainers and exercise physiologists are not just friendly and supportive, but also highly qualified to help guide you with your fitness needs.

3. Huge range of classes

Whether you’re into sweating it out, focusing on your mind and body or working your muscles, we have a class to suit your fitness level and personal preference.

4. Affordable

With our base membership costing less than your daily takeaway latte, you can afford to look after your health and fitness with us.

Want to achieve transformation ?

Our transformation experts will assist you